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Engineer of assets from opposites spectrum of life. I am a Geek by heart and artist by accident From Photography and Quantum Mechanics to everyday singularities
My Photography

At the beginning of my career, I tried to comprehend light and all its waves by mirroring its influence over canvas using only acrylic paint and my imagination; but in a revelation, it became clear to me that if I wanted to understand light, I needed to follow its behavior in real life. Consequently, I started composing and recording light in Instamatics and without realizing it, I was becoming a photographer.


During this metamorphosis, it became clear that exposure, aperture, and even focus were concepts totally unknown to me.  So, I started researching and studying under the direction of very talented photographers. While in this journey, I was constantly looking for that edge to define myself and the world through the lens of my camera. Consequently, after a few years I realized that I was still not a photographer but a painter using the camera as my brush.


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